How to Get YouTube Comments

How to Get YouTube Comments

Posted on :- 19, 11, 2018 10:38:00

If you are Internet or socials users? You already heard about YouTube right? Because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. There may be one in the millions who have never heard about YouTube. But did you know that YouTube is an American video-sharing website & it's headquartered in San Bruno, California & it was created in 2005? Google brought YouTube in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion. Wow, interesting fact about YouTube. The money will clear indicator of popularity & this amount is a clear indicator of YouTube popularity.

It’s a fact that if you have perfect knowledge about YouTube? Getting more comments is easier. So here is some interesting or important fact about YouTube.

What is actually YouTube?

YouTube is a website that design for videos shares only. Registered users can upload their videos or share with other users. YouTube has a feature that users can share videos on others socials too like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest or LinkedIn etc. Every minute of every day, more than 110 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube or share too.

Importance of YouTube

YouTube is the most important part of our modern society. Now people can access countless videos from all over the world at just one click. YouTube is not about one thing only, YouTube is about infinity things like dress up or makeup tutorials, education, celebrities, musicians, interview preparation, recipes etc. YouTube is one salutation all problems or needs. This is the fact that people can forget the click on socials icons in a day but they never forget the click on the YouTube icon.  

It’s obvious that big crowd place always strongly able to give largest friends, viewers or fans easy. that is the reason that many famous celebrities use YouTube to manage their web reputation as well as increase their more fans too.  With the right strategy, you can get numberless comments, likes or shares easily or instantly from this.

Why people prefer to increase YouTube comments first?

It is a fact that when people come to any site or any place they notice most attractive thing first. Same as when people come to any YouTube channel or videos, they notice the number of subscribers, views or comments first.  The number of channels subscribers or YouTube viewers or comments will decide your first impressions on users & the first impression will decide your present or future reputation.  Getting YouTube comments from users to attract more users.

Ways to increase YouTube comments

Be Consistent

Have you notice the common thing on YouTube profile, they never stop updating. It is a serious or essential thing that you update your content consistently. Because of most famous popular YouTube channels strict schedules to updating their videos like TV daily shows. If you are not serious about it? The viewers or their comments may never know to your next video.

Call to Action

Call to action means you can ask the viewers to subscribe your channel, feel free to comments on YouTube, and ask anything about your video to win a prize, annotation – YouTube feature etc. human psychology says that people do the first thing that what they heard first. These types of call to actions ways may perfect to generate more comments easily.


Add YouTube widget in your website or blogs. If your website or blogs are loved one on the web or getting good enough traffic? It will a great way to let know your visitors that you have a YouTube channel. It will create a great chance of getting more comments on your every YouTube videos.

Grate Interaction

Creating a great interaction is the best way of getting more beneficial result according to others who have bad interactions with viewers. People love good interaction to create a great interaction with commenters it can be a good reason of getting more commenters easily or perfectly.

Creative Tittle

An attractive title is a major part of attracting more commenters fast or easily. Because the title is the first thing that people notice first. Attractive tittle attracts users fast according to others who not use an attractive title. The good title comes from research, means good title means that ability to attract users. So spend some time on Google before uploading your videos. Know that market demand, users demand about your product then create a solid title to impress users mindset.

Share YouTube

Encourage your viewers to share your videos with their connections. It can be such a good way of getting more comments on any YouTube. You can give a short message to your viewers to for comments on your YouTube.  You can also give the first comment to your own videos, it is not a bad idea.  

YouTube has some more features to give the best support to share. YouTube connect with socials like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest or LinkedIn etc. you can also share your video to with your connections also. Because sharing is the best way to get more & more comments as well as more subscribers too.

Buy Comments

Buy comments means you can buy YouTube comments from the online firm. This is the best of getting instant comments on YouTube. This way could be a great stepping stone for people who want popular to their new channel or YouTube or struggling from unpopularity. Infect many people who have an unpopular image on YouTube now they famous one from these types of services.


Eye caching videos must get popularity to any kind of videos. Your promotion, shares, buy comments are failed if your videos have bad quality. So be creative or innovative to your videos.

Friendship with YouTube

Make a good relationship with YouTube means never break the rules of YouTube as well as Google. Your YouTube will be blocked or channel too if YouTube anger with your YouTube content or quality. So never forget the quality method or rules of YouTube.

End of this article I want to say that getting of response from users to any YouTube channel or videos is not a tough task if you have a great strategy for that. So be always updates with new changes of YouTube or be creative & smart to get perfect or unbreakable.

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